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The Battery image 9-Volt Li Poly Recharcheable Amps has developed a nine-volt, 600 mAh battery using Lithium Polymer cells that incorporates an ion locking™ technology that prevents the release of free lithium ions if the cell is punctured.

These batteries have a greater capacity than single-use alkaline batteries, with the cost savings of a rechargeable and the performance of lithium.
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image 8-Bay Nine Volt Quick Charger Our 8-bay quick charger for our 9-Volt Lithium Polymer battery can charge up to 8 cells to 90% in just 90 minutes with a wall adapter or optional car adapter. See Specs
image 2-Bay Nine Volt Charger We offer a two-position charger to go with our high performance Li Poly nine-volt battery. The compact size and low weight makes it easy to take anywhere. See Specs