About AMPS

American Mobile Power Systems, Inc. (d.b.a. AMPS) is a newly incorporated company engaging in the development, manufacture and sale of rechargeable batteries, chargers and power systems (batteries and chargers). Through predecessor companies, AMPS has been engaged in the battery business for more than thirteen years. AMPS has been actively pursuing the development of new battery chemistries that provide for safer, more environment friendly, longer-lived and more efficient batteries (in terms of charging time and providing power).

Product Categories

A natural focus for AMPS is in OEM product and sales to major distribution channels. Products that AMPS batteries can and will be used in include:

  • land mobile two-way radios such as those used by police and fire departments;
  • hand held devices such as scanning wands (metal detectors) used in security lines—especially by governmental agencies such as TSA at airports;
  • scanners for pricing and tracking inventory;
  • back-up systems in the event of power outages (security systems, computers, etc.);
  • lanterns, such as those used by railroads.
Other ProductsOther product lines that AMPS is also engaged in include wireless charging technology such as power pads that devices such as cell phones and two-way radios can be placed on for charging and holsters that contain a battery that can provide additional battery capacity and ease charging for mobile phones such as Apple's iPhone and other devices known for particularly short battery lives.

New Battery Chemistries

Through the pursuit of safer battery chemistries (with a current emphasis on proprietary Lithium Polymer and Lithium Iron Phosphate technologies) and longer lives for rechargeable batteries, AMPS is working towards a prominent role in the emerging green market for this industry.

Corporate Team

Jay Fuhr, CEO

AMPS’ CEO has over thirteen years experience in the development of advanced battery and battery charger technology; he holds a patent for a battery pack and charger system and has developed batteries and chargers for cellular phones, two-way land mobile radios and lanterns, among other products.

Contact Details

  • American Mobile Power Systems
  • 22525 SE 64th Place
  • Suite 222
  • Issaquah, WA 98027 USA
  • (425) 278-1177