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9 Volt Li Poly Rechargeable Amps has developed a nine-volt, 600 mAh battery using Lithium Polymer cells that incorporates an ion locking™ technology that prevents the release of free lithium ions if the cell is punctured.

These batteries have a greater capacity than single-use alkaline batteries, with the cost savings of a rechargeable and the performance of lithium.
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8-Bay Li Poly 9-Volt Quick Charger Because of the difference in charging Lithium Polymer versus other chemistries, AMPS offers two chargers for the Li Poly 9V cell - an 8-bay and a 2-bay.

The 8-bay charger is considered a quick charger, as it can charge cells to 90% capacity in just 90 minutes. Its form factor is convenient and it can even be used in a vehicle.
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Replacement Batteries


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Li Poly 9V Products

Proprietary 9-volt Lithium Polymer battery and charging systems.

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Replacement Scanner Batteries

A high capacity Lithium Ion Battery for the Motorola / Symbol MC 9000 Series scanner

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Land Mobile Radio Batteries

High capacity Lithium Polymer batteries for Motorola radios: XTS-3000, XTS-3500, XTS-5000, MTP-200, MTP-300, Cosmo, and EF Johnson Model 5100.

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Lithium Polymer Technology

Lithium Polymer provides higher capacity, greater operational time, lighter weight, wider operating temperature range and greater cycle life than other technologies. In addition, our proprietary Ion Locking™ polymer technology creates a much safer cell than Lithium Ion by preventing the release of free lithium ions if the cell is punctured or otherwise compromised. At this time, we offer Lithium Polymer cells for the following uses:

Main Content 0 9-Volt Rechargeable Batteries

Our Lithium Polymer 9-volt batteries and chargers will revolutionize this popular battery form factor.
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Main Content 1 Land Mobile and 2-Way Radio Replacement Batteries

Lithium polymer technology comes to Motorola® XTS-3000, Jaguar and other portable radios.
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Main Content 2 Replacement Scanner Batteries

Advanced batteries for one of the most popular scanners available - the MC9000 series.
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